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The development of blockchain technologies and the reallocation of attention towards cryptocurrencies in comparison with fiat money forces the founders and top managers of projects to reach a new level.

This is what motivates our team Consult Global Systems — a company that provides consulting services and specializes in the preparation and conduct of ICO — initial placement of tokens. During this period, users can purchase coins at an affordable price, become shareholders of projects, and then either make a profit, or go to the exchanges and trade the asset.

Having your own token is a significant plus for giant companies and newcomers in various fields of activity. ICO is something similar to an IPO — the process of initial public offering of shares of companies. Since a large number of companies today choose the online direction, the launch of an ICO is a competent management solution for companies at any stage of development.

CGS Company provides
full-cycle services for the launch
and management of ICO projects
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The services include
the main stages of launching:
  • Preparing an idea
  • Maintaining social networks
  • Assembling a team
  • Listing in trackers
  • Studying competitors
  • Launching ads
  • Registering a company
  • Issuing tokens
  • Launching a website
  • Many other necessary elements.

How it works

Step #1
Getting to know
each other
The client contacts the CGS manager, and after defining the conditions and tasks, the project development begins
Step #2
Full circle of deep work
CGS experts conduct a full cycle of procedures, including financial, technical, legal and marketing decisions, aimed at the developmentand launch of ICOs
Step #3
The client receives a ready-to-use product, discovers new business opportunities, and receives an influx of investment funds within the ICO


Some of the services that are part of the full ICO
development cycle with SGS

Experts in the field
of blockchain technology:

  • Platform-independent approach
    that ensures that the selected protocol matches your use case
  • Individual execution of contracts, applications for management
    and approval
  • Compliance with the principles of KYC / AML at the modern level, management systems using two-factor authentication (2FA)and geofence parameters
  • In-house team of blockchain researchers and developers with extensive research experience and knowledge in the fieldof blockchain compatibility and projects
    in more than 14 different protocols
  • Bookbuilding and bookrunning services

marketing strategy:

  • Custom brand design and website development by in-house marketing experts
  • Comprehensive social media marketing platform
  • Individually designed package of information materials and graphic design
  • Articles aimed at promoting
    the brand in the leading media
    and publications about cryptocurrencies
  • Presence on the trackers Reddit, Slack, Bitcointalk and Steemit

Legal support
at all stages:

  • Legal support in relation to the concepts of tokens, taking into account local specifics, including the principles of KYC, AML and compliance with security standards
  • Development, analysis and finalizing of the White Paper”
  • A package of comprehensive legal documentation, including the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and the Token Purchase Agreement
  • Experienced lawyers in the field of ICO, providing constant advice
  • Decisions on the management of tokens at the stage of Post-ICO and protection compliance

What you get

  • White paper
  • One-page
  • Presentation
  • Landing Page
  • The register of issuers
  • Advertising materials
  • Yellow paper
    (hosted on GitHub)
  • Agreement on the distribution
    of tokens
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
If you need to obtain licenses to conduct
the company's activities, you will also receive
all the necessary documents, depending
on the chosen jurisdiction.
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Services provided
by Consult Global Systems

Selection of the jurisdiction of the issuing company and the bank, within which it is more optimal to conduct an ICO
Opening accounts in banks and payment systems
Development of optimal internal corporate documentation for the ICO, reparation and analysis of White Paper
Development of the
optimal legal design of the token
Tax consulting, ICO lawyer'sdevelopment of measures that reduce tax risks
of investor agreements and user agreements
Development of a mechanism for accepting fiat funds within the ICO
Development of the documentation required for the ICO, preparation and analysis of documents for AML \ KYC procedures

Our journey

  • 2017
  • Founding of CGS
  • 2018
  • Opening of the "ICO Marketing" department
  • Creation of the development department
  • Opening of the "ICO Technical Support" department"
  • 2019
  • Addition of "Post-ICO" and "Reverse-ICO" services
  • Work in the IEO market
  • Active implementation of the "Hyperledger" project
  • 2020
  • Interaction with exchanges and market makers
  • Creation of the "Corporate Blockchain" department
  • Signing of a contract with GENESIS WS LTD
  • 2021
  • Adding corporate messenger functions for clients
  • Development of a mobile application with the functions of a corporate messenger Adding listing services on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Adding listing services on cryptocurrency exchanges

People first

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49 y.o.

We’ve done

4 projects
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1 project
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CGS provides full-cycle services for the launch
and management of ICO projects

The services include the main stages of launching: preparing an idea, assembling a team, studying competitors, registering a company, launching a website, maintaining social networks, listing in trackers, launching ads, issuing tokens, and many other necessary elements.In addition, CGS provides full legal support for the projects.
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